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Truphone Io3

A fully integrated SIM, connectivity and management platform to connect all consumer and IoT devices.

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Join the ranks of true innovators

What is Io3?

The time has come to innovate. At Truphone, we are applying technology thinking to telco problems. Io3 is a toolkit we have built to help device makers, mobile network operators and chipset manufacturers innovate across the industry. We have a mission to make getting connected smarter and easier. We’re committed to sharing our technology and our expertise to reform how devices connect across the world.

Io3 eSIM

Io3 eSIM

The eSIM is the new standard in SIM technology. For consumer and M2M devices, it allows the secure provisioning and storage of multiple operator profiles on a single integrated chip.
Io3 SIM provisioning

Io3 SIM provisioning

A pre-installed bootstrap profile makes sure devices are immediately connected to a cellular network from the moment they are turned on.
SIM provisioning
Io3 Bootstrap Connectivity

Io3 Bootstrap Connectivity

Truphone’s certified Io3 SIM Provisioning can generate, host and install consumer eSIM profiles as per the GSMA standard.
Io3 connectivity

Io3 connectivity

One provider to light-up over 190 countries. Access to all network types on demand: 2G, 3G, 4G & LPWAN.

Device makers

Connect your products with ease

Gain deeper insights into your customers' true preferences, create enduring services and update your products almost anywhere.

  • A global network on which to connect all your devices
  • Control over bootstrap profiles and device activation
  • Manage connectivity rules and plans purchased from Truphone or partners
Device Makers

Network operators

Disrupt industries and markets

Io3 can help you rapidly slash your time-to-market, unlock new revenue streams and scale globally.

  • Create, manage and deploy eSIM profiles
  • Showcase new tariffs to new customers who were previously unreachable
  • Offer your customers new and innovative connectivity solutions
Network Operators

SIM and chipset manufacturers

Create new experiences

Simplify your supply chain by connecting your IoT devices anywhere in the world, the moment they're switched on.

  • Integrate secure connectivity into your chipsets
  • Partner with us to create new products and solutions for your customers
  • Get ahead of the market and design connected devices for the future
SIM & Chipset Manufacturers

Download the Truphone eSIM cookbook

A few simple recipes to smooth the journey towards the next generation of connected devices.

“We have been consistently impressed with Truphone's innovation, flexibility and commitment to true partnership and we look forward to a productive and prosperous future together.”

Brad Taylor

Workz Group, CEO