How Truphone works

Get excellent business mobile coverage worldwide with our unique global network.


Intelligent network

Because we have our own network of mobile hubs around the world, calls and data travel fast. Instead of routing signals to the caller's home country, we can route them to the nearest hub. So the signal stays local and we provide local voice quality and data speeds.

Global Network

Top-quality international coverage

We only partner with the best mobile networks in each country – and if a service isn’t meeting our standards, we switch to a new one. You get 4G at no extra cost as soon as it’s available to Truphone in each territory.

Global Network

Reliable, fast and stable connections

You can be certain of a network that won’t let you down. Speeds and stability are rigorously tested. If there’s an error, our Parachute Box system flags it to us straight away and we fix it instantly.

Mobile Network Quality

Global access, 1 SIM

Do more business with Truphone. As soon as a user arrives in each country, our patented SIM automatically registers to the network as local. So users get access to our entire network with a single SIM – as well as faster speeds and better coverage.

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Global SIM

What can Truphone technology do for your business?

1 in 5 companies believe they’ve lost business because of international phone use policies.

Find out how our technology makes it possible to:

  • 1

    Use phones abroad in the same way as at home

  • 2

    Cut international communications costs up to 49%

  • 3

    Project a local presence globally

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