• What plans does Truphone offer for Apple Watch?

    Truphone offers mobile connectivity plans for the Apple Watch Family Setup feature. Our cellular plans enable the Apple Watch with a mobile number that can be used to make and receive voice calls and SMS, as well as to use mobile data services, such as Facetime or your installed Apps.

    With Apple Watch Family Setup, there is no need to share your mobile number or monthly mobile plan’s allowance with an iPhone. You can connect a Watch for your family member, and they will have their own mobile number.

    You can start your subscription now at https://go.truphone.com.

  • Where can I use Truphone cellular plans for Apple Watch Family Setup?

    Truphone cellular plans for Apple Watch Family Setup are available for use in each the following countries:

    • Australia
    • France
    • Germany
    • Poland
    • Spain
    • United Kingdom
    • United States

    Family members can only use their Apple Watch in the country chosen when you buy the plan. Connecting the watch in another country, making calls or sending texts to international destination or premium numbers will not be possible.

  • What Apple Watches are compatible with Truphone Family Setup plans?

    Truphone cellular plans for Apple Watch Family Set-up are compatible with the cellular Apple Watch Series 4 or later. We recommend using the latest Apple Watch software.

  • My iPhone is locked to a different mobile operator, may I buy a Truphone plan for Apple Watch?

    Yes. The Truphone service is not dependent on the mobile provider used in your iPhone.

  • What is Apple Watch Family Set-up?

    With Watch OS 7, Apple Watch supports two modes. The first is paired to iPhone where the iPhone and Watch share the same mobile and billing contract. The second mode, Family Set-up, which Truphone offers mobile plans for, is where the Apple Watch is set up as a standalone device with its own mobile number and not linked to the mobile operator used for the iPhone. This second mode is designed for family members.

    When pairing the Apple Watch within the iPhone Apple Watch app, you can select the mode in which the Watch will operate during the Watch setup. For more information watch our video here.

  • How can I set up an Apple Watch and a Truphone plan?

    You can go straight to https://go.truphone.com to get started straight away.

    Or you can go via your Apple Watch app on iPhone. To do this, open the iOS Watch app on your iPhone, scroll to Cellular and follow the onscreen instructions. If the Watch app isn't on your device, search for Watch in the App store. Please find a step-by-step tutorial here.

  • What is an EID from the Watch?

    The EID is the Apple Watch’s unique number which you will need to provide when you’re buying a cellular plan in order to connect the Apple Watch.

    The simplest way to do this is to copy the EID using option 1 below—navigate to this screen in the Apple Watch App and press and hold on the EID number to copy it. You can then paste this into the subscription page on the Truphone website.

    You may find the Watch EID number in one of the following places:

    1. On the iPhone, in the Watch app, navigate to General > About > EID;
    2. The back of the Apple Watch box for the EID;
    3. On the Apple Watch, navigate to Settings > General > About > EID.