Truphone statement on COVID-19

We have often cited that the better the world connects, the better the world—and we believe this to be more important now than ever. Our motivation at Truphone remains the same: to provide the best possible care and service for our customers and our team who keep them connected. Here’s how we’re responding to COVID-19.

We understand that Truphone is keeping many of you connected during this crucial time. We are vigilantly monitoring changes to the global situation to ensure the best measures are undertaken and made with you in mind.


We are taking extra care to ensure that our network remains robust throughout the current crisis. Our technical team is providing round the clock monitoring of our global network and our customer service team is readily available, 24/7, to take swift action to any service disruptions or technical queries our customers may have.


The health and safety of our own team is also paramount to ensure that we continue to deliver our second-to-none service to customers.

As such, we have prepared our customer service teams to provide support while working from home and have deployed the correct connectivity, IT tools, security and workspaces are implemented to protect both our high security standards and continuity of service.

Our Service Delivery Managers remain at your disposal round the clock via telephone and email and will continue to provide the tailored, individual support you are accustomed to. 

As always, you can reach our customer service team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via all the usual channels.


To protect our own extremely dedicated team, we have undertaken widespread remote working across the entire business beyond the customer service teams to keep our employees as safe and healthy as possible.

To ensure we remain business-as-usual during these highly unusual times, our executive and HR teams have been on-hand to provide case-by-case support to individuals who may need it, whether that is technical, physical or emotional, during this difficult time.

For those new to remote working, we have been sharing advice on how to schedule days, take regular breaks and keep active while under isolation.

We have been also supplying our team with WHO-approved daily updates on the COVID-19 pandemic to make sure everyone has the correct information and guidance. 


We are doing all we can to support our employees, customers, suppliers and partners to ensure our business – and industry – remains healthy during this time. The executive team would like to send our personal wishes to all those affected. Our thoughts are with them.


Ralph Steffens Signature Dina Knight Signature
Ralph Steffens
Chief Executive Officer
Dina Knight
Global Director, Human Resources
 Adam Hall Signature Steve Alder Signature 
Adam Hall
Chief Financial Officer
Steve Alder
Chief Business Development officer
Igor Borisoglebski Signature Michael Moorfield Signature
Igor Borisoglebski
Chief Technology Officer
Michael Moorfield
Director of Product
Harry Odenhoven Signature Oliver Potter Signature
Harry Odenhoven
Chief Operating Officer
Oliver Potter
Director of Wholesale
Oliver Pink Signature  
Oliver Pink
Head of Communications

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