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Accelerate your IoT connectivity with Truphone

Accelerate your IoT connectivity with Truphone

Be part of the growth with an all-encompassing IoT platform

It seems like almost everyone in the technology industry is talking about how The Internet of Things (IoT) will revolutionise the way we live and work. So it's no surprise that Machina Research predicts that, by 2025, the global IoT market will grow to 27 billion devices – and generate $3 trillion in revenue*.

More and more companies are confident IoT will become a big new revenue stream for them. But this leaves one big question: what's the best IoT platform to manage their assets – and accelerate their success?

Below, we will explore IoT for businesses, the top five challenges of managing connected devices globally and how Truphone's IoT platform can assist.

IoT – Transforming organisations and industries

IoT is already transforming the way organisations connect with their suppliers, partners and customers. It is now easier than ever to collect, aggregate and analyse huge amounts of data in real time. This, however, brings fresh challenges as high data usage on high mobility devices means costs are unpredictable and management becomes complex.

The top 5 challenges of managing connected devices globally

1. Managing multiple operators and a complex service model
Using services from multiple operators requires more management because processes, implementation procedures and systems vary. With Truphone, OEMs have a single supplier that offers a unified global mobile infrastructure and centralised service model for multiple countries.

2. Unpredictable costs
Costs can become unpredictable when managing multiple operators and deployment across multiple countries. Truphone's patented multi-IMSI eSIM technology can switch networks to a local country identity Over-The-Air (OTA). This means it can operate as a local SIM with local data speeds and costs.

3. High velocity ecosystem requires future-proofing
IoT technology is changing rapidly with more devise and use-cases being introduced all the time. Companies can be left behind if their network providers cannot provide the appropriate infrastructure. Truphone SIMs are instantly ready to use in 220 countries as soon as they're installed, no human intervention required.

4. Speed to market of new services across different networks
Time to market and costs can skyrocket when new features and services are developed, tested and negotiated across several different networks, with multiple device certifications. With a centralised service model, Truphone ensures a homogeneous implementation with one-time deployment and testing across multiple countries, enabling faster time to market.

5. Managing assets and audit control
Managinghundreds or thousands of devices can be challenging, particularly in organisations where responding to device behaviour is required 24/7. Truphone offers full control and management of assets 24/7 with its advanced IoT Connectivity Management Platform, including cloud-based life cycle management, a rules engine, and full access and audit capabilities.

For more information on Truphone's simple, scalable and award-winning IoT solution, head over to our website.

* Press Release: Global Internet of things market to grow to 27 billion devices, generating USD 3 trillion in revenue 2025, Machina Research,, 3rd August 2016

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