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Truphone ‘right fit’ for global fintech company, Markit

Truphone ‘right fit’ for global fintech company, Markit

"We have an entrepreneurial way of doing things and that often translates into agility."

Dewi Joseph, Global Head of Corporate Services

Founded in 2003 and with over 4,500 employees in 11 countries, financial information services company Markit is growing at a pace. Its ambitions, however, are to retain the start-up sensibility that its customers admire. 

Some traditional operators didn't fit the bill

Some traditional mobile operators view companies like Markit as too small to benefit from a global-level corporate account, and the domestic-level service Markit was receiving wasn't always fitting the bill.

"When you're a medium-sized global business, the concern is that the traditional mobile operators treat you in the same way as a domestic customer," says Dewi. "And because we were getting domestic-level, rather than global-level service, we were also dealing with unpredictable phone bills."

"Part of the problem was that we had lots of smaller offices around the world, and we couldn't get a good, corporate deal for those guys," Dewi says. "Instead, they were using their own mobile plans and expensing them. That meant lots of local contracts, not controlled centrally, and uncertainty as to what the bills were going to be at the end of the month."

Truphone's 'entrepreneurial spirit'

Since switching to Truphone's one global network within key markets – such as the UK, Australia, Netherlands and Hong Kong – Dewi says costs are more predictable. There are significantly less roaming costs, and Markit is seeing this reflected in its mobile bills. Users benefit from having both US and UK phone numbers on the same device. Global employees feel more comfortable using their phones abroad, too, which leads, ultimately, to greater productivity.

In the past, when employees felt uncomfortable using their phones abroad and switched their mobile data on and off, they may have saved some money in roaming costs, but may have also cost the company multiples of that in missed opportunities. "That goes against our entrepreneurial spirit," says Dewi.

Now, Markit monitors Truphone's live-use portal and receives automated high-use notifications, removing the risk of end-of-month bill shock.

If the company has any issues, Markit can talk to a Truphone representative 24/7, and benefit from in-country and global support via dedicated account management. "Customer support is far more responsive," says Dewi. "With Truphone, there's a more personal relationship, because we've right-sized with a company that's more like us."

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