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Truphone partners with Team Freedict in charity appeal

Truphone, an industry leader in bespoke connectivity solutions, has partnered with the Freedict Team, a group of cycling enthusiasts on a mission to build a better world.

The Freedicts will be cycling 300 miles from London to Paris between the 8th and the 12th of September.

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They are taking on this challenge to raise money for their friend Alex, who was recently diagnosed with Malignant Oesophageal Cancer. Alex lives in Romania, where effective medical treatment for his condition is extremely limited.

To help him in his fight, the Freedict cyclists are aiming to raise £5000, to cover his treatment and recovery. The Freedict team are keen to work with brands that share their vision of freedom and individual autonomy.

These values align with those of Truphone, where a free and connected world is an integral part of the company's vision. For seventeen years this brand has been synonymous with streamlined connectivity and ease of movement.

Dina Knight, HR director at Truphone, said:

"We're happy to throw our weight behind this project. The principles that the Freedicts stand for echo the optimistic outlook at Truphone. We want to see a world where no one's left off the grid – where every individual can enjoy freedom and connectivity. The team consists of cyclists from different nations and different backgrounds, but they're connected and unified; they're pushing for a better world."

About Truphone

Truphone's goal has been to facilitate a boundless network of connected people and devices. They offer unique connectivity solutions and IoT services, and the company operates an international network infrastructure across more than 190 countries. With customers and partners around the world, Truphone offers a diverse range of services, including Io3 solutions, GSMA certified eSIM technology, and advanced Remote Sim Provisioning platforms.

About Freedict

The Freedicts derive their name from the phrase "freedom addicts" – a term that perfectly describes their ethos. The team consists of five cyclists from a range of backgrounds in three different countries – the UK, Romania, and Germany. They have been brought together by a love of cycling, a passion for freedom, and a drive to realise a better future.

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