Truphone expands service to new iPad mini and iPad Air

Truphone expands service to new iPad mini and iPad Air

Today, Truphone is proud to announce the extension of its eSIM support for iPad to the new iPad mini and iPad Air.

In a surprise announcement, Apple unveiled the new additions to its iPad series on Monday, ahead of a pre-scheduled event where it is expected to unveil a TV service and new video platform.

The new iPad models are the latest in a series of Apple products to offer eSIM to the consumer market. Last Autumn, Apple became the first consumer device manufacturer to enable eSIM services in a flagship smartphone series: the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.

Truphone’s eSIM is engineered to make connectivity simple for cellular-enabled Apple iPad mini and iPad Air users. With an eSIM-enabled device, consumers can enjoy out-of-the-box connectivity, without having to buy a SIM card separately. A user can just turn their device on, download the data plan of their choosing, and get online. 

Truphone’s eSIM for iPad plan works in over 40 countries and allows Apple iPad users to get connected quickly and easily without the hassle of having to change plans when they travel to a different country. It’s an ideal solution for world travellers, international business jet-setters, or even just individuals curious about simplifying how they connect to their mobile network operator.

Ralph Steffens, Truphone CEO said, “The inclusion of eSIM into the new iPad mini and iPad Air signals a commitment on behalf of Apple to extend this cutting-edge connectivity technology to a much broader customer base. What’s more, it acts as a further cue to the entire industry – not least mobile network operators – that the future of connectivity is in embedded SIM technology. The eSIM is now a staple in connected devices and the expectation for new chipset designs. Within three years, it will become the dominant SIM form on the market.”


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