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London Symphony Orchestra

London Symphony Orchestra

"Truphone is looking at this issue of internationalisation and has a specific set of technologies that are targeted for it."

Jeremy Garside, Head of Technnology

Founded in 1904, the London Symphony Orchestra is the oldest of London's orchestras. Regularly touring around the world and with residences in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo, it's essential that musicians can stay connected wherever they are. That's where Truphone comes in.

LSO business challenge

Organising 120 musicians is no easy job, especially when liaising with international promoters, venues and sponsors. This task was made even more difficult for LSO organisers due to poor global connectivity and slow customer service. Tired of dealing with traditional operators and UK-based help teams, the LSO began searching for a network provider that could offer more.

The Truphone solution

Truphone's unique mobile network delivers reliable connectivity in over 200 countries, as well as shareable bundles. This helped the LSO touring team feel more comfortable using their phones when they travelled, increasing efficiency and collaboration. LSO musicians across the world now stay in touch wherever they are, with all usage coming from a single bundle. Truphone also enables the touring team to communicate like locals and at local rates in an area called the Truphone Zone, which includes the UK, US, Germany, Spain and Poland. This means the touring team isn't limited by cost, so communication is more regular and productivity improves. The team can also rest assured that Truphone's global support means a Truphone specialist is always available, 24 hours a day.


It's vital the touring team can always call each other, wherever they are. Truphone provides a consistent mobile experience in over 200 countries, so LSO members can always get in touch. They always can rely on business-class support in their native language too.


Since switching to Truphone, evidence shows that the LSO members made more calls than normal and relied less on SMS messages and email than normal – a clear sign that Truphone makes calling easier and more comfortable.

Cost savings

The LSO's international mobile bills have been significantly reduced. However, Jeremy Garside the LSO's Head of Technology, says: "It's not necessarily about cash savings – it's about being able to use the kit in a way that makes sense".

Global & local presence

The LSO has harnessed Truphone's unique ability to issue multiple international numbers to a single SIM. LSO members now use their US numbers to substantiate their performing presence in New York, which is hugely appreciated by their American colleagues.

Global service

The LSO has always appreciated the personal service Truphone offers, right down to the complimentary chocolates they got when they joined. Truphone's 24/7 global support is a key feature for the team and the consistently friendly teams always help resolve issues quickly.

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