What is Internet of Things World Asia?

IoT World Asia is part of TechXLR8 Asia – the fastest growing technology show in Asia. IoT World Asia is a burgeoning festival of tech events which celebrates the technologies that are fuelling the business revolution: IoT, AI, 5G and Blockchain.

A festival of technology. A thought-provoking conference. A showcase of the best of Asia’s tech and telco industry, IoT World Asia is the place to keep pace with the technologies enabling and shaping your connected future.

IoT World Asia 2019

What is Truphone bringing to the table?

In 2023 we can expect 51 billion connected IoT devices around the world. It’s both an exciting and daunting thought. How do we keep this vast web of connectivity safe, secure and most importantly—easy? Enter the eSIM. There is a reason that in the same five year period of IoT growth, the global eSIM market is estimated to grow from USD 253.8 million in 2018 to USD 978.3 million by 2023. In under five years, eSIM will be the new normal.

We will shortly have two generations of iPhones that are eSIM-enabled. But in the IoT space, it’s even more prescient. Historically, connectivity transactions between mobile operators and device makers have been difficult. But the eSIM, the digital SIM, changes that—smoothing the path for rapid growth in connecting devices with cellular networks. In this talk, Alexey Gabsatarov, Head of Platform Services at Truphone, will explain why mobile operators and device manufacturers both need to embrace this tool to remove the friction of connectivity and unleash the full power of the IoT.

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