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"Truphone was exactly what I had been looking for. It’s the Holy Grail of global mobile communications."

Spencer Rolls, IT Manager for Europe

iBAHN creates exceptional information and entertainment experiences for people on the move and is a partner with business owners in the hospitality, conference, food service and retail industries. With 17 regional offices throughout North America, Asia and Europe, they have benefited hugely from Truphone's global mobile network.

About iBAHN

The iBAHN managed network operates in more than 60 countries across six continents delivering connectivity, information and entertainment to tablets, laptops, mobile phones and flat screens. Three million times a month, business owners, people on the move and more than half of the Fortune 500 companies rely on iBAHN solutions. 

iBAHN business challenge

iBAHN's bills were inflated as they weren't getting sufficient bundles from their previous supplier. Incorrect roaming add-ons were creating huge complications and un-informed iBAHN employees would create huge data roaming bills, so data had to be turned off when roaming. iBAHN also had to negotiate with multiple suppliers, often relying on other people to talk to them due to language barriers, which reduced productivity. Spencer Rolls, European IT Manager, therefore searched for a network that could unify iBAHN's mobile systems, whilst getting an excellent level of customer service.

The Truphone solution

Truphone's unique technology, which allows for multiple international numbers on a single SIM, is perfect for an international company such as iBAHN. With Truphone's global mobile network, as soon as someone from iBAHN gets off a plane, they can turn on their phone and be connected to the Truphone network. Spencer is no longer worried about the data connection, so employees are checking their mobiles more, making them more productive when abroad. Truphone's global customer service has been useful too. Whether iBAHN have an issue in the United Kingdom or Australia, they are available to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Great service

Truphone and iBAHN enjoy a fantastic working relationship. Truphone's global support service is always friendly and ready to help. iBAHN trust that the calibre of Truphone's staff – whether it is their dedicated Account Manager or a junior Truphone Technician – will always be high.

Global Bundles

iBAHN's global salesforce are supported by Truphone's global bundles. Wherever they are within the Truphone Zone, users share the same bundle of minutes, texts and data. So iBAHN only need a single supplier, which provides them with high call quality, fast data speeds and a cost reduction of 20%.

Local Presence

With multiple local numbers on a single SIM, people at iBAHN are talking more. Before Truphone, users would alter their behaviour to reduce costs, only making calls if necessary. Now they are calling their employees in other countries much more, which is increasing their communications and keeping iBAHN better connected.

Easy to Switch

Switching over to Truphone was easy. iBAHN staff could relax whilst Truphone's enthusiastic experts took control of the porting process.

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