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Dual SIM is going to change how your business communicates

Dual SIM is going to change how your business communicates

Efficiency is essential in any business. Systems are continuously streamlined and developed, allowing for an improved consumer experience and, more importantly, safer and more effective practices.

Efficiency is simplicity, elegance – removing the clutter and getting to the point. For many sectors, though, there are still areas in urgent need of improvement.


For enterprises operating around the globe, it’s essential that they keep their employees connected while keeping themselves protected.

Take the concept of BYOD – “bring your own device”. A widely established system within the industry, the term refers to the practice of carrying two phones, one for personal use and one for work.

If businesses provided the work-related device themselves, they would be directly liable for any misuse or malpractice carried out by an employee using that phone. BYOD is a solution to that problem, and it’s been the only solution for some time.

The company may still pay for their employees’ data, but they won’t be responsible for procuring the devices themselves. This makes all the difference in terms of liability, but it’s not a perfect solution.

Many employees are now carrying two devices at all times, each running on separate plans. It’s cumbersome and inelegant, and there is a better way.

The Dual-SIM Solution

The next step in this evolution is simple. Dual-SIM devices carry both a standard removable SIM card and an embedded rewritable chip, called an eSIM.

The eSIM is essentially a blank slate, onto which new SIM profiles can be downloaded. When a user wants to change network providers, they simply go online and select a new plan, which will be immediately available.

Once this technology is in place, all communication can be centralised through a single interface. With two channels and one platform, dual-SIM devices remove the necessity to pack multiple phones whenever an employee leaves the house.

There’s a lot more to dual-SIM technology, especially when it comes to dual-SIM for business, than just ease-of-use, of course. Two key factors must be considered; roaming charges, and remote SIM provisioning.

With an eSIM built into a device, travelling abroad for work no longer means massive roaming charges. Businesses spend inordinate sums of money every year to cover data and minutes used overseas by their personnel. This all changes, however, when dual-SIM devices are in play.

This is beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, a company can select and provision their employee’s network plans without having to access each phone directly. There’s no need to buy physical SIM cards, and this simplifies the experience for both the user and the enterprise itself.

Secondly, use of that plan can then be tracked and even restricted by employers, allowing them to crack down on potential misuse. Through these management platforms, automatic rules on usage can be set. This could involve anything from restricting the geographical areas in which a plan can work to freezing the SIM profile to prevent overconsumption of data.

Used responsibly, this gives enterprises greater control over their business mobile phone plans, without putting them at any more risk of liability.

Truphone: a global solution

Truphone’s unique global infrastructure offers unparalleled services—enhancing seamless performance across borders.

The key to Truphone’s success is its global reach, but the eSIM is about to take us even further. With Apple behind this new technology, the rest of the connected device industry will follow. Dual-SIM capabilities are on track to become a staple of modern connectivity, and that’s good news for the businesses that Truphone aims to help.

The coming years will be crucial. The eSIM will be increasingly normalised as dual-SIM becomes the new gold standard. We’re not dealing in hypotheticals anymore – it’s a matter of when, not if.

For a company like Truphone, which has repeatedly broken new ground and redefined the possibilities, there are real opportunities to seize. For the companies we work with, the eSIM will be the key to the elegant and effective solutions they’ve been waiting for.

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