Dialoq partners with Truphone to implement cutting-edge eSIM technology to the business

Dialoq partners with Truphone to implement cutting-edge eSIM technology to the business

Dialoq to use Truphone’s eSIM remote SIM provisioning service to bring eSIM to its customers

Monday 19th August: Travel mobile operator Dialoq has partnered with Truphone to roll out an eSIM service across its network. Truphone’s leading remote SIM provisioning platform will enable Dialoq to provide customers with state-of-the-art SIM technology to both its consumer and M2M markets. 

Truphone’s fully secure GSMA-accredited eSIM provisioning platform connects its network simply and easily to customers using the latest iPhone and Google Pixel devices.

Using Truphone’s disruptive commercial model, Dialoq will be able to rapidly deploy this service with no up-front usage fees or hefty set-up costs—removing the barrier to entry for eSIM uptake.

What’s more, Dialoq customers will now benefit from an entirely digital SIM experience. No longer will they need to go to brick and mortar storefronts to get plastic SIM cards provisioned by individual operators—they can do it directly from their device, creating a more efficient, environmentally-friendly model.  

Ralph SteffensRalph Steffens, CEO at Truphone said: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Dialoq to bring our growing eSIM service to yet another forward-thinking operator. When it comes to eSIM, it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’. This technology is fast becoming the new industry standard, and it is mobile operators like Dialoq that are getting ahead of the game that will reap the biggest benefits.  

“At Truphone, we pride ourselves on delivering a second-to-none service to our partners. As such, our individually allocated account managers will work closely with Dialoq through the onboarding process and beyond to ensure that this service works seamlessly from day one.”  

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Dmitri Verbovski, Partner at Dialoq said: “We are happy to become a partner of Truphone. They are very professional and always happy to assist. The knowledge and technologies they have makes them one of the leading players that we rely on.”


About Truphone

Truphone believes that connectivity can be easier, smarter and more efficient. Since 2006, we have built state of the art SIM software, intuitive management platforms and a powerful global network to make this a reality.

Every day, our technicians engineer better connections between things, people and business to make the world smarter. Headquartered in London, we have 12 offices across four continents and continue to expand globally. To learn more, visit www.truphone.com

About Dialoq

Dialoq was established by a group of entrepreneurs who have faced the problems of phone usage abroad. This is why Dialoq is characterized by user-friendly service, transparent billing and high-quality customer support. The single Dialoq tariff not only spares you the excessive costs of mobile roaming, but actually allows you to save on voice and data services worldwide.

Dialoq are a team of young inspired professionals with extensive experience in telecommunication and service fields. Our deep understanding of customers’ needs enables us to find the best ways of applying our skills and knowledge. The service was created specifically to provide business users and frequent travellers with a quality voice and data service anytime, anywhere.

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