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Alfing Kessler Sondermaschinen GmbH

Alfing Kessler Sondermaschinen GmbH

"I have made many decisions in my professional life. It is, of course, risky to change mobile providers but, for us, it has paid off."

Dietmar Wieber, IT Director, Alfing Kessler Sondermaschinen GmbH

Alfing Kessler Sondermaschinen GmbH is a globally operating company, building machines for the manufacture of engine components for the automotive industry, worldwide.

The company has been in the engineering business for over 75 years, sending its machines to China, the USA, Mexico and Brazil—essentially all countries where automobiles are manufactured.

Around 40-50 of the company’s employees travel worldwide. Over the past few years, effective mobility and the use of data-on-the-move have become increasingly important for them.

In the past, the company had many issues with providers because its employees had different mobile phone contracts with different terms and conditions.

Alfing Kessler Sondermaschinen GmbH was looking for someone that could provide the business with a shared plan for the whole company.

It was also important for them to ensure simple, consistent management, at a central point, within its IT department. To date, the company has not found any plans on the market which it considers comparable to what Truphone offers.

The company opted for Truphone and, in doing so, saved approximately two-thirds of its mobile phone costs. Now, each team member has only one SIM card and shares one plan for voice and data—making the whole process much easier.

While making risky decisions is all part of business, for Alfing Kessler Sondermaschinen GmbH, it’s a decision that has paid off.

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