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Built for Global Finance

Truphone Mobile Recording helps financial institutions record, encrypt and store all mobile calls and SMS messages – making trade reconstruction easy. We do this in – and between – countries, without affecting user experience. That means you can record all your conversations while making sure that employees can still work effectively on the move.

Truphone Mobile Recording

Truphone Mobile Recording provides seamless recording around the world, supporting your organisation in its efforts to comply with FCA regulation in the UK and Dodd-Frank in the US – without having to make changes to your IT setup.

Truphone Mobile Recording

Help your employees be more productive

CIOs want to help their employees work efficiently on their mobile phones while following governance and compliance requirements. Truphone Mobile Recording helps international businesses meet regulations without affecting user productivity or call quality. With reliable data connections, IT teams can offer true workplace mobility while still making sure their companies’ compliance and regulatory needs are met.

How Truphone Mobile Recording Works

Record while you’re abroad

With an average of 20% of business conversations taking place abroad, businesses need an international recording solution that treats all calls in the same way. Our patented forking technology ensures that calls are recorded, without any impact on call quality. Unlike other recording solutions that can introduce significant delays in connecting calls, Truphone Mobile Recording captures all voice and SMS traffic, without affecting the user at all.

Truphone mobile recording facts

Truphone Mobile Recording in numbers

  • 250,000 calls a month
  • 200,000 texts a month
  • 5 of the world’s largest investment banks
  • 100+ customers around the world

"The Truphone SIM which seamlessly records calls, solved our mobile voice recording problems. Truphone has given Lucidus Capital global connectivity and an excellent data service. With Truphone's global bundles, Lucidus Capital saw a reduction of over 60% on their bills” 

Sheriff Ojubele, Chief Technology Officer, Lucidus Capital

Truphone Lucidus Capital Partners

Lucidus Capital chose Truphone Mobile Recording for its global connectivity, excellent data service and low roaming costs.

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Truphone Mobile Recording Demo

This video gives an overview of the product and shows how you can:
     - Record calls and SMS messages from contacts around the world
     - Benefit from multiple international numbers
     - Play back recorded calls and voicemail messages
     - Search and analyze recordings in the Onix portal