How to configure data settings on your iPhone for your Truphone SIM

Great news... for users on iPhone 4 and above using iOS 7.1.1 or later, the data settings are automatically configured by the network.

For other iPhones you can either manually add, or download the APN profile.

To manually add the APN:

  • Go to settings > general > network > cellular data network
  • Under cellular data network, tap APN and enter truphone.com
  • You can leave the username and password blank

Or once connected to a data service (e.g. Wi-Fi) you can download the data profile:

  1. Once connected to a data service, use this link from your iPhone browser to download iPhone config file directly (please note: the link will download the file directly, so only click here if you are on your iPhone).
  2. Touch install and data should be fully configured
  3. Turn iPhone off and on again